We are a results-driven digital marketing company located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Years of online advertising experiences give us an instinctive understanding of what works best and there is literally no angle in a campaign we haven’t tested yet. With Pessoss Services, you entrust your campaigns to prolific digital marketers, who take the time to look into your products, markets, and target audiences. We use all our knowledge, experience, and gut feeling to cook up the best campaign and make optimal use of the countless functions and secret algorithms online advertising platforms provide. Our various backgrounds combine law, economics, software development, and art and the most versatile experiences across various industries. We also have a bunch of startups and exits under our belt. If you struggle during the initial phase, we hear you, we all have been there too. This rich mix we put a 100% into your success. 👍


Together with you, we outline goal-oriented digital strategies and we implement and manage them at low cost. Our fee structure is easy to understand and transparent and our charges always link to the amount of work we put into your campaigns.


The Happiness-Mantra: We believe in collaboration and your satisfaction. The best results are achieved in close cooperation with you–the free flow of ideas, information, feedback, and results. You’re not locked into a long-term contract. You always come first, for only if you are happy we can grow together. There is nothing more time consuming than an unhappy customer and there is nothing more rewarding than a long-term happy customer.